Precision Reloading

Difficulty: Beginner
April 22 – April 23
Mondays @ 9am-3pm

Precision Reloading

Course Overview:

Taught by either of our owners, Greg or Speedy, the Precision Reloading class will cover important topics like types of dies, die setup, use of bushings, and bumping shoulders.  The goal of this class is to get the students to be comfortable when confronting odd occurrences on the reloading bench and how to correct them.

Course Outline:

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  • Overview of Reloading Dies.
  • Proper Die Setup.
  • Use of Reloading Presses and Arbor Presses.
  • Bumping Shoulders.
  • Bullet Seating Presses and Techniques.


  • 8 hours of professional instruction
  • Personal Bench Space For Your Gear
  • Individual Set Up Of Your Dies
  • Analyzation Of Your Finished Bullets
  • Concentricity Checks

$400.00 / seat

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