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Engineered in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, the Borden Accuracy line of actions has been at the forefront of action design since the very beginning.  Known for their perfectly timed trigger handoff and advancements in bolt design, the Borden Rimrock line of actions are the tightest in the industry.  Thanks to the Borden Bumps, a patented technology, the Rimrock line of actions has less than .001 of clearance at the rear receiver bridge.

Borden Actions Feature:

  • Constructed out of 416 Stainless Steel.
  • Hardened to 38-40 Rockwell.
  • Chrome Moly 4142 Bolt.
  • Hardened to 44-46 Rockwell.
  • Milled, Not Tapped, 8x40 Scope Base Screw Holes.
  • Integral Recoil Lugs On Some Actions.
  • Internal Hook Extractors on 308 and Larger Bolt Faces
  • Physical Vapor Dispersion (PVD) Available.

Popular Lineup of Actions

Borden BRMXD

With F-Class competition in mind, Jim Borden set out to create his first action that had a diameter over 1.350 inches.  The BRMXD with its 1.470 diameter and bottom lug weighs in at 42.6 ounces, which is a perfect starting point for an F-Class rifle or benchrest heavy gun.  Aluminum 20 MOA rails are also available as well as PVD treatment.

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Borden BRLXD

Also built on a 1.470″ diameter platform, the BRLXD is the longest and thickest action in the Borden stable.  It is long enough for a 284 Winchester case to be ejected from a bottom port.  Like its smaller cousin, the BRMXD, the BRLXD features a bottom recoil lug and optional 20 MOA aluminum rails.  The BRLXD will not make 17 lb weight classes within the benchrest rules unless you run a very small barrel.  However, it is a great platform for F-Class and unlimited weight BR rifles.

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Borden Ridgeline

The first non-standard, Reminton 700 platform action from Borden Accuracy, the Ridgeline was developed for shooters who wanted to run the Creedmoor and 284 cases from a repeater.  Traditionally, short actions where so short that the bullet sat below the neck shoulder junction and long actions occasionally had feeding issues with shorter cases.  Thus, the medium Ridgeline was born.

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Borden BRM

The most versatile action provided by Borden Accuracy is the BRM.  At home in both competition and varmint rifles, the BRM is a wonderful platform for any rifle.  It is light enough at 34 ounces for F-TR shooters and 10.5 lb light varmint competitors but sturdy enough for 32 inch straight barrels used in F-Class.  The BRM also may be ordered with a PPC or BR bottom eject as shown in the photo above.

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Borden Alpine, Timberline, and Mountaineer Actions

Borden Accuracy offers several actions that fit into the standard Remington 700 short and long action inlets.  Typically called clones, these actions will fall into a stock inletted for the Remington 700 with minimal modification.  The Alpine is a short action, the Timberline a long action, and the Mountaineer can be ordered either short or long.

The Mountaineer is a 100% round action, while the Alpine and Timberline have weight reducing scallops to make the action lighter.

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Borden BRM-MF

Multi-Flat actions just have a wonderful look to them and the BRM-MF is no exception.  Sharing the same action hole spacing as its siblings, the BRM-MF is a versatile and capable action.  Available in many port options, including BR or PPC bottom eject, the BRM-MF will make weight in 17 lb BR as well as short barreled heavy varmint 13.5 lb classes.

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