BAT Machine:

Classic Form – Functional Elegance

From Competition to Hunting to ELR – BAT Has You Covered

Engineered in Idaho, the BAT Machine Company has been making advanced rifle receivers since the mid-1990’s.  Their attention to detail is second to none and their products have always been highly regarded by competitors and hunters alike. BAT Machine offers receivers from the small but capable BAT SV all the way up to the 50 BMG class BAT EX.

BAT Features:

  • Constructed out of 17-4 Steel
  • Hardened to 36-38 Rockwell
  • 8x40 Scope Base Screw Holes
  • Integral Recoil Lugs On Some Actions.
  • Melonite Available.

Popular Lineup Of Actions


The BAT Machine DS action is one of the premiere short range benchrest actions on the market.  Available in various finishes and shapes, the BAT DS also comes standard with the roller cocking piece.  This roller cocking piece eases bolt lift and allows for less movement in the bags.

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The most versatile action in BAT Machines stable, the BAT B comes in diameters of up to 1.550 and may be outfitted with all the bells and whistles a competitor could want.  Multi-flat or Octagon shape, roller cocking piece, integral rails, integral lugs; the BAT B just flat out delivers.

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By purchasing a BAT M, a customer is finding themselves in a different category of action.  The BAT M line is the start of the heavy, long actions that are engineered for F-Class and unlimited weight shooting.  With a barrel tenon of 1-1/8 instead of the normal 1-1/16 diameter, the BAT M can securely hold the heaviest of barrels.

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The BAT Machine SV is the cheapest and most “bare bones” action offered by BAT Machine.  It has the same size and capabilities as other small actions, the S and DS, but does not have the upgradability.  The SV has long been a favorite among varmint hunters or competitors who just want a first class action without breaking the bank.

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BAT Machine offers actions with hybrid footprints as well.  The BAT SB is one of these actions.  It comes with the small BAT S bolt length but has a longer barrel tenon sleeve making it the same length as the BAT B.  This sleeve helps the action achieve a longer bedding surface while maintaining the short, quick bolt travel.  Buyers should take note that the SB and MB actions have a small radius in the tenon sleeve from machining.  Care must be taken when chambering barrels for these actions.

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Are you looking to get into extreme long range (ELR) shooting?  If you are then the BAT EX action is for you.  Engineered with all of the standard BAT features, the BAT EX brings extreme accuracy potential in a 12 pound, 18-inch platform.  Bolts are available for Cheytac and 50 BMG case heads making it perfect for any wildcat that you might want to try on those cases.

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