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Through hard work, study, and dedication, we have taken great strides to be able to produce for you, our clients, the most complete rifles available today.  Everyone below will strive to serve you directly and honestly.


Speedy Gonzalez

Head of Production

Speedy is one of those guys who just gets things done.  Educated at the University of Texas at Austin in Mechanical Engineering and a certified tool and die maker, Speedy has served the gun industry for decades.  He is also a decorated Marine and a member of the Benchrest Hall-of-Fame for his work with the 6 PPC.  He is also widely published both in print and on digital mediums.

“Winning isn’t everything but losing sucks”
Speedy Gonzalez

Greg Taylor

Head of Retail and Purchasing

Greg started in the firearms industry by beginning this training with Gordy Gritters of Iowa.  From there he honed his craft for several years before opening his own small shop in Pennsylvania.  After several years of building guns, he decided he wanted to learn more about the commercial side of the industry and proceeded to work with several industry leaders before joining SG Rifles and merging to produce SG Precision LLC with Speedy.

“Read the target, not the internet”
Greg Taylor

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