Perfect Chambering

Difficulty: Experienced
May 1 – May 5
9 am – 6 pm

Intermediate: Perfect Chambering

Course Overview:

Class members will focus on the methodologies and techniques associated with proper chamberings to achieve the most concentric chamber to bore ratios.  Students are expected to have a working knowledge of the lathe, its tools, and be comfortable with machining terms such as concentricity, runout, eccentric, and point of convergence.

Course Outline:

Students will observe proper barrel selection, problem identification for the barrel, corrections to those problems, and then they will move on to the chambering work.

  • Barrel Selection and Problem Identification.
  • Chambering Tools and Why To Use Them.
  • How To Start Grinding Your Own Tools
  • Chambering Procedures and Techniques.
  • Making Muzzle Brakes.
  • Barrel Crowning.
  • Barrel Polishing.


  • 24 hours of professional instruction
  • Videoing of the class is encouraged
  • Videos of past classes available to students

$2500.00 / seat

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