Full Custom Brass Services

Brass services are completed on a “per order” basis.  We do not stock finished brass in various calibers and configurations due to the wide variety of reamers out there.  If you do not have the ability or the time to prep your own brass, we can help you. From quick neck turns and trim to fully prepped competition brass, we can do it all and quickly.

Become A Brass Prep Expert

If you would like to learn how we prep brass and the reasons behind the steps we take to produce the most consistent necks possible, come join us for a class. Brass prep classes are held during the Advanced Reloading Classes that are held numerous times throughout the year at SG Precision.  Class information may be found on our Classes and Workshops page.


Here you will find some of the more frequent questions regarding our brass services.

What equipment do you use?

We focus on only using the finest brass turners and trimmers in the industry.  These include but are not limited to:  Neilson Pumpkin Turners, PMA Tool Turners and Trimmers, 21st Century Shooting, Giraud Tool Trimmers, and the Worlds Finest Trimmer by Old Crow Gunworks.

Do you do extreme tightnecks?

Yes, to a point.  We will take your brass down to .007 per side at most.  This means that your overall loaded diameter for a .243 caliber casing would be .257.  Anything less than this and we feel that the brass just does not have enough strength to hold a bullet reliably which can cause a safety issue.

What is your timeline for large orders?

Larger orders of brass, greater than 100 pieces, will typically take 14 business days to complete our competition grade turning.  That timeline is significantly less if the clients are just wanting a quick trim and chamfer.  Trim and chamfer jobs, regardless of size, can ship within 3 to 4 days.

What if my brass is missing pieces?

Manufacturers such as Norma and Lapua use weight measurements to fill their boxes.  Occasionally this method will produce a box that has one piece missing or one piece extra.  If there is an extra piece in your box, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  However, if there is one piece missing we may not be able to complete the box.  That said, if we have an extra piece that matches your caliber, we will throw it in there free of charge.

How many passes will you make?

We get this question most often in terms of, “how many cutters will you use to bring brass down from .015 per side to say .008 per side?”  We will do this type of material removal, for say the 6 PPC, in 2 or 3 passes.  The number of passes will depend on the parent cases and material hardness.  Most Lapua cases can be turned in 2 passes.  Our final turn will never take more than .0015 of the case to ensure consistency and uniformity.

How do you ship the brass?

We ship the brass the way it was shipped to us, typically.  USPS priority mail is very good but please USE SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION.  Without some sort of signature, we cannot guarantee the brass will be delivered to us by the Post Office.  they have a tendency to leave packages on the mailbox cluster in our complex.  UPS will not have this issue.  Expedited shipping back to the customer is available, for an extra fee.  We also ensure every package that we ship.  If you want to save money on shipping by waiving the insurance, we have an affidavit available for that request.