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Team Texas: FTR – 2018

Member Builds and Information. Coached by Peter Johns Allen Tampke Action:  Kelbly Panda F-Class Stock:  Shurley Brothers  Barrel:  Bartlein Chambering:  308 Win Trigger:  Jewell BR Scope:  Nightforce BR Bi-Pod:  Phoenix David Park Action: BAT VR Stock:  Gunworks...

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Vertical Tips By Speedy Gonzalez

Thomas Gonzalez VERTICAL TIPS by Speedy Gonzalez A lot of rifles are muzzle heavy. Some rifles have too heavy a barrel and this causes vertical problems, especially those who shoot free recoil Firing pin coming out of hole in the bolt while in the cocked position....

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Remington Manufacturing in the 1960’s

A very neat video about how Remington Arms made shotguns and rifles in the 1960’s.  The machinery used in this video is worlds away from what we have currently, but their attention to detail and utilization of their technology at that time is impressive. ...

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6mm AI Brass Forming from 7×57 Mauser

  Oh boy!!! Here we go.  Without a doubt, my favorite all around varmint cartridge is the 6mm Ackley Improved.  While 6mm brass at times can be difficult to find, if you are willing to do a little work forming your own, you can have high-quality brass that will...

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