SG Precision LLC

Building industry leading rifles for competitors, hunters and collectors

Building Championship Rifles Since 1992

Our head of production, Speedy Gonzalez, has been building rifles for various competitions for decades.  While he has shot his way into the Benchrest Hall of Fame, he has also built several guns for past and current champions in short range benchrest, 1000 yard benchrest, F-Class and other disciplines.

Chambering Advice

Whether it is a tight neck competition rifle or a hunt specific chambering that you are unsure about, we here at SG Precision will take the time to explain why we choose the case dimensions that we do.  We will also explain the pros and cons for the issues you may be having when researching or building your neck rifle.

Complete Rifle Packages

SG Precision rifle packages start at $4300.00 for complete custom rifles.  Semi-custom builds built on savage or Remington 700 actions start at $2700.00.

Brass Services

Complete brass services are offered for several calibers including but not limited to:  6PPC, 6BR, 6 Dasher, 284 Shehane, 284 Winchester, 6mm Ackley Improved, 20 Vartarg, and 22 BR.


Education Services

We offer full gunsmithing classes from a renown NRA master teacher, Thomas “Speedy” Gonzalez and Greg Taylor.  These classes will explain the art of rifle making at a deeper level than most schools teach.  We also have programs for reloading, proper cleaning techniques, long-range shooting and short range BR shooting.

Small Class Sizes

Multiple Sessions

The Right Choice

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